How to Clean a Pool Cartridge Filter

Swimming pool cartridge filters are quite different than DE or sand filters.  Cartridge filters minimize particles to a very small size which disables the need for backwashing.  Your pool’s filter element can range in cost from $40.00 to $150.00+ depending on the size and quality of the element.  The duration of time in between replacements can also greatly range depending on the condition of your swimming pool’s equipment and the amount of debris that your cartridge filter has to regularly clean.

If your pool technician is only providing a chemical or bi-weekly service or if you’re undergoing a harsh clean up you may need to clean your pool cartridge filter to help maintain your swimming pool, follow this guide to learn how to clean your cartridge filter.

Step 1: Turn off your pool pump. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

Step 2: Release the pressure from the air release valve located at the top of the filter container. You will hear the air releasing from the pump, similar to a balloon releasing air.

Step 3: Release the clamp and turn the belt around the container counter clockwise, spinning it until the top is loose enough to be removed.

Step 4: Using your hose, begin to rinse the debris from the pool cartridge filter.  Make sure to begin this step promptly to ensure that the debris does not harden.

Step 5: Start at the top and work your way down the cartridge filter, turning it slowly until all the debris and algae have been removed.

Step 6: If you are able to, allow the cartridge filter to dry in the sun.

Step  7: Replace the cartridge filter, making sure the filter element locks in place.  Replace the top of the container turning the belt clockwise until it locks in place.

Step 8: Tighten your air release valve and turn the pool pump back on.

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