5 Secrets your Swimming Pool Service Provider Won’t Tell You

There are many different types of swimming pool company owners.  From the Mom and Pop provider to the multimillion dollar Pinch a Penny, it can be hard to determine which is best for you.  Read on to hear 5 secrets most pool companies won’t tell you.

1.  Don’t get skipped.

The more pools your pool technician is servicing, the more likely they are to skip your pool.  Yes pool technicians (not the good ones, and not ours) will skip an account here and there to make up for lost time.  When a swimming pool company is in the growing stage of their business, they often have too many pools and not enough employees to accommodate them.  Don’t just assume your pool has been skipped, always give the company the benefit of the doubt.  However, if you think that your weekly pool cleaning service may have been overlooked, ask the service technician for a ‘drop ticket.’ Any reputable company should have tickets they can leave on your door that detail the time they were there, chemicals used, condition of pool and services rendered.

2.  Bigger isn’t always better. 

One huge downfall to large swimming pool service companies is their high turnover rates.  Additionally many of these companies hire inexperienced employees  and provide minimal training.  Pool technicians are chemists, engineers, plumbers and more, especially when repairs are concerned.   Monthly pool service rates are relatively low compared to many other home services, therefore the pay they offer new employees is often low as well.  This results in unqualified employees.  It takes time to build a relationship with your pool, so look for an experienced professional that is willing to service your pool for a long period time.

3.  Stay all inclusive.

I was astonished to hear a few friends complaining that their swimming pool company was charging a high flat rate and adding additional chemical charges onto their monthly bill.  The majority of pool companies charge one flat rate regardless of the amount of chemicals used.  Service charges may increase due to seasonal changes or gas prices, but you should still be paying one flat rate that has been approved by you, the home owner.  In other words you shouldn’t be paying extra for acid or chlorine, but it is standard to charge more if a special chemical was purchased specifically for your pool. Check out our services to learn more.

4.  Beware of Parts.

One of the biggest income providers for pool service companies is repairs.  Just like an automobile shop, a pool company will receive their parts for less than it would cost you to purchase them.  They mark them up slightly and charge you for their time spent doing the repair.  Beware of dishonest repair technicians who may use used parts instead of new ones to do your repair.  These parts could be from a customer who just put in new equipment or even from a dumpster dive.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, but if you are undergoing a $500 repair, it is suggested you view the equipment before it is installed.

 5.  Know your legal jargon.

Licensing in the swimming pool industry can be a confusing concept, which highly depends on the state from which you reside.  In Tampa, Florida for example in order to provide pool cleaning services to residential swimming pools you simply need to register with your tax collector and establish an EIN number for tax purposes.  Here’s where it gets tricky.  Major repairs to your pool equipment or to a commercial property, may require a contractor’s license.  Many smaller pool companies will sub out their repairs to companies that specialize in your type of repair.  If you have any questions, talk to your pool technician to make sure they are properly licensed for the types of services or repairs requested.

About Simply Pools LLC

Simply Pools LLC is a Tampa-based swimming pool cleaning and repair company established in 2011.  Owner and CEO, Justin Pullara has over ten years of experience servicing residential and commercial swimming pools.  As a small business owner he seeks to provide honest, competitive, reliable pool cleaning and repairs services to Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

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