FAQ’s For Tampa Pool Owners

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Frequently asked questions for Tampa Swimming Pool Owners:

Is hiring a pool service technician worth it?

This all depends on the amount of time you are willing to invest in keeping your swimming pool clean.  You should also account for the cost of chemicals and the risk/cost of transporting the chemicals.  Local pool stores mark up the price of their chemicals in order to stay in business.  Pool cleaning companies, like ours, get there chemicals from large distributors, which allows us to offer chemical only packages to you at a very low price.  Factoring in the cost of chemicals and the time spent maintaining your swimming pool, I’d say that our low monthly prices definitely make hiring a pool service technician worth it.

Do I have to turn the pool pump on and off?

No! Once we have visited your pool, your pool service technician will set your timer to turn on and off during the day.  Tampa’s summer months require your pool to run longer than in the winter.  Your pool technician will set your timer accordingly to reflect the amount of time your pump needs to properly prevent algae growth.

Do I have to use DE after I backwash?

Yes. When you backwash you are removing all of the DE from your swimming pool.  You have to replace the DE by putting it into the skimmer.  It will then process into your filter.

How often do I have to buy a new cartridge filter element?

If you have a regularly maintained pool, you should be replacing your cartridge filter roughly once per year.  If your pool is subject to large amounts of debris and algae you may need to replace your filter more regularly.

Which swimming pool cleaning service is best for me?

Tampa swimming pools are unique. Due to our high temperatures, most pools need maintenance all year long.  High temperatures breed algae growth, requiring large amounts of chemicals and regular routine maintenance.  At Simply Pools we offer 3 different service packages to fit your needs.  For newer swimming pools with a screen enclosure and low amounts of debris we offer a bi-weekly pool service.

This service is ideal for those willing to step in and care for their swimming pool on our off weeks.  For swimming pools subject to large amounts of debris, or with an older pump system and equipment, we recommend a full cleaning pool service.  Click here to read more about the differences between weekly fully cleanings and bi-weekly full cleanings.  We also offer a chemical only package, which allows us to care for the technical aspects of cleaning your pool, which you maintain the rest.  Determining which service is best for you and your pool highly depends on the regular condition of your swimming pool and the amount of effort the home owner is willing to contribute to their maintenance program. Call 813-374-5819 to receive a free quote and talk to a service technician about which service is best for you.

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