How much does a pool maintenance service cost?

Checking Pool Chemicals

Photo Courtesy of John Zambito Photography

Different types of swimming pool maintenance service companies will charge different prices, while offering different packages to meet your needs.  A variety of factors regarding your swimming pool and the condition of your pool maintenance equipment can also effect your service charge.  Pool maintenance service charges are usually presented in two ways.  The pool maintenance company will give you an all inclusive service charge or they will charge you a base price plus additional chemical charges.

We always recommend that you choose a pool service maintenance company that offers all inclusive packages.  This means you pay one solid price each month and this price includes all of your basic chemicals.  Be weary of companies who prefer to charge you for additional chemicals, as there truly is no way for you to determine if the correct amount of chemicals have been used. Throughout the year your pool maintenance technician may need to treat your pool with special chemicals to remove staining or metals.  These chemicals are not ordinarily included in service packages.

Your pool maintenance service cost will also vary depending on the size of your pool and the amount of debris it is subject to.  For a small to medium sized pool with a screened enclosure and fully functioning equipment you can expect to pay between $75 and $90 depending on the type of service you request.  For larger pools or pools that require excessive pool service maintenance you may fall between $80 and $110 per month. Also, visit our post to see what we deem unfair pricing for pool maintenance.

Of course, the best way of receiving an accurate quote is by speaking with a pool maintenance service technician or allowing them to visit your swimming pool.  Simply answer a few questions over the phone and our pool maintenance service technicians can give you a quote.  Just give us a call today 813.374.5819 and allow us to answer any and all pool maintenance service questions!

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