What’s A Fair Price for Pool Service in Tampa?

Justin Pullara Pouring Chlorine into Swimming Pool

CEO Justin Pullara adding chlorine
John Zambito Photography

There are hundreds of options when choosing a pool care technician in Tampa. Most often the first question out of a new client’s mouth is “how much does it cost?”  It’s important to know the different types of service plans that companies provide prior to hearing their prices.  I have posted a great blog here that details the differences between weekly and bi-weekly pool cleanings, to help you do just that.

Several factors and features of your swimming pool will help determine the cost of your pool care.  Screened in pools are subject to less debris then unscreened pools.  DE and sand filters are much easier to clean and require less time for the service technician than cartridge filters.  Older or functioning equipment can require more chemicals and service time.  You are likely to receive pricing from $75 to $130 depending on the pool care provider you’re calling.  Keep in mind that your pool care provider should be visiting your pool at least 4 times per month.  Additionally, between chemicals and gasoline a pool companies return on investment for each individual pool is relatively low.  Tampa pool care companies usually make their money based on the volume of pools they are servicing.  At Simply Pools we offer packages for every budget and swimming pool.  Our monthly prices never reach over $100 (unless you have a water park) and we offer all-inclusive chemical packages to our customers.

So to clearly answer your question, here’s what I believe isn’t  a fair price for pool service.

  • $100 plus for a small to medium screened in pool, with an automatic vacuum and new equipment.
  • $100 plus normal chemical charges for any pool.
  • $130 plus  for a large unscreened swimming pool.
  • Any Bi-weekly pool cleaning where a technician only visits your pool 2 times per month.

Have questions or would like a quote? Visit www.MySimplePool.com or call us directly at 813.374.5819!

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