The benefits of finding a pool cleaning company near you

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Owner and CEO of Simply Pools, Justin Pullara
Photo Courtesy of John Zambito Photography

Pool cleaning companies often have large service areas that can cover hundreds of miles.  Most customers will type “Pool Cleaning” into Google on a quest to find  a highly rated pool company for a  good price.  Make sure you note the distance your pool company is from your homes location.  The further the company is, the longer it will take a pool technician to reach your home in a pool emergency and the harder it is for them to get by on a day they are not normally scheduled.

When you search for a pool cleaning company, make sure to look at your “Google Places” results.  Google automatically ranks the companies which are closest to you first.  As you would assume Tampa has hundreds of pool companies that operate within the Greater Tampa Bay area.  Our high temperatures and known rainy seasons make caring for a swimming pool much more difficult for homeowners then people who reside in places with lower temperatures.  Three days of non-stop rain can easily take a technician off schedule and the closer the pool company is to your home, the more accessible they tend to be.

Simply Pools LLC offers pool cleaning services to North Tampa, South Tampa, West Tampa, Westchase, Lutz and more!

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