7 Easy Pool Maintenance Tips, Even a Caveman Could Do

7 Pool Maintenance Tips for the Tampa Pool Owner

1. Pay attention to your water level! Even if your swimming pool is serviced by a pool maintenance technician you still need to keep an eye on your water level. This is the one thing a pool maintenance techs can’t do for you.  The water level should be half way up the skimmer to allow for proper filtration.  When the water level is too low your swimming pool is relying solely on the main drain.

2. Clean your filter bi-weekly. As Tampa’s weather gets warmer algae growth becomes more prominent  Thus your pump and filter will have to work harder to keep your pool blue.  Cleaning the filter every other week will allow your element to pick up debris and algae easier and reduce stress on your pump system. Click here for step by step directions on cleaning a simple cartridge filter.

3. Empty your skimmer basket regularly. Make sure to empty your skimmer basket at least once per week. Tampa is known for it’s rain so in the event of bad weather check your skimmer basket more frequently.  Inspect the basket for any type of holes or cracks, skimmer baskets are relatively inexpensive and are worth investing in should you need a new one.

4. Invest in a chlorine floater. Chlorine tablets purchased in bulk will help keep your chemicals balanced without having to use traditional wet chlorine.  Test your swimming pool’s chemicals with a  test kit.  They also offer test strips which are very easy to follow and read.  Your goal is to keep your chlorine between 2 and 4 parts per million your pH at roughly 7.5 and your total alkalinity between 80 and 130 parts per million. Adjust the number of tablets each week to reduce or increase the chlorine and alkalinity levels of your swimming pool.

5. Pay attention to your pH.  The pH level of your pool is another term for the level of acid in your pool.  If your pH level is too high it will not allow your chlorine to work properly.  pH levels range from 1 to 13 and adding muriatic acid will reduce the pH level. Clogged lines can also result from unbalanced pH levels.  If your water becomes to acidic (low pH) the acid can eat away at your pump’s pipes, additionally if the pH becomes too high you could clog your pipes from hardened minerals.  The lower pH numbers represent a pool whose water is highly acidic while the higher numbers would reflect a pool who has a strong base.  Often times people assume that the chlorine in your swimming pool is what hurts your eyes,but realistically it’s the pH of your pool’s water that has this effect. Make sure your pH stays between 7.2 and 7.5.

6. Don’t over stabilize.  Many chlorine tablets contain both chlorine and stabilizer.  Make sure to check the level of stabilizer before adding chlorine tablets.  If your stabilizer levels are too high or too low your chlorine will not function properly.

7. Call Us813.374.5819 or visit www.MySimplyPool.com – And We’ll Do them For You!!

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