5 Common Pool Care Mistakes Pool Owners Make

5 Sure Ways to Keep your Pool Sparkling Green

The sun is beating high as the sweat drips off your frozen daiquiri and your adorable new pup jumps aboard your raft.  There’s a reason so many homeowners choose to have swimming pools and the positives can greatly outweigh the negatives by properly caring for your pool.  Caring for your swimming pool is much like caring for a car or any other piece of machinery.  Normal wear and tear is expected, but excessive abuse or negligence can easily lead to mechanical problems.   Certain parts like your cartridge filter, grids, and motor will need to be replaced as needed, however proper maintenance will increase your pool’s lifespan, ultimately saving you money.  Here are a few of the most common mistakes pool owners make that may often lead to green pools or expensive repairs.

1. Treating your pool like a water park….every day.

The sole reason you have a pool is to be able to use it.  However, the more people that are in your swimming pool, the more chlorine that is needed to keep your chemicals balanced.  If you have a service technician notify him or her that you’re going to be having an outdoor shindig so they can properly prep your pool, as well as be prepared to add additional chemicals after the party takes place.  If you care for your pool yourself simply brush, add chlorine and clean your filter promptly the next day to prevent algae growth.  If your swimming pool requires a high amount of chlorine an inline chlorinator or a chlorine floater can be used to maintain your chlorine levels while gradually adding chlorine to your swimming pool.

2. Letting the pups play.

There is nothing like a fun day in the pool with your long-haired retriever, however make sure to properly care for your pool if it’s both human and k-9 friendly.  Net your swimming pool promptly after your animals swim.  Also clean your skimmer basket and filter the following day to ensure the hair doesn’t get back into your swimming pool.  Proper maintenance can prevent excessive debris or worse – a clogged impeller.

3. Is your pump running?

It’s true that not running your swimming pool pump could possibly save you money on your electric bill. However, the money you save in electricity can quickly be spent on chlorine, acid and service maintenance.  Swimming pools are designed to keep themselves clean.  When run properly, your filter and skimmer keep out debris which fosters algae growth.  Also keep in mind that high temperatures also cultivate algae growth. In Tampa, Fla. temperatures can get in the high 90’s, thus residents need to run their pump for longer hours to keep it blue.  All swimming pools are unique, however we suggest you run your pool pump for 7-8 hours each day during the summer.  If you have experienced some unwanted algae, or are trying to get your pool from green to blue, we suggest you run your pool for 24 hours per day until the condition of your pool improves.

4. Beware of Dye.

Pool dye is a fun way to get the right look for your next pool party.  Pool dyes are entirely safe, however they aren’t so safe for your filter elements.  Be sure to remove your cartridge filter or grids and put your DE filter on recirculation before you add the die. Continue to run your pool normally, without your filter installed.  After the dye clears replace your filter elements promptly.

5. Understand your algaecides.

Algaecides like the well known product Yellow Treat® are used to treat different types of algae present in pool water.  Most algaecides will highly reduce your chlorine level upon application. It’s important that you counteract this effort by ensuring that you have a high level of chlorine in the pool prior to applying the treatment.  Low levels of chlorine in conjunction with the algaecide can turn a green pool even greener! Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and be sure to keep your pool pump on to allow the algaecide to reach all corners of your pool.

Small preventative maintenance is a major factor in determining the overall quality of your pool water and equipment.  With pool care, attention is in the details, from simply maintaining your chemicals levels to safe guarding your filter, it’s the small things that will help keep your pool sparkling blue all summer long.

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